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My late husband Guy Luttrell was an entrepreneur, who built the world’s largest coconut oil plant in Republic of Palau, and was called “Coconut King of the Pacific.” I was PR director in Tokyo, when we met in Guam, and after a long-distance relationship, we became engaged, and my life in Palau started.

As Jacques Cousteau, a world’s famous oceanographer described as “the world’s most beautiful ocean and under water,” Palau is such a miracle island. Its government presented “Luttrell Island” to us for my husband’s unprecedented contribution to the country, paving its main roads and completing a giant port construction. 

While we enjoyed the beautiful marine life with a boat, which was a surprise birthday present for me from my husband, in which we enjoyed fishing and diving, we had our first daughter, and I also used my boat to visit villages and write “Palau News“ and syndicate it to Japan.

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