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Luggage manufacturer RIMOWA GmbH has won another victory in defense of its trademark brand – the “groove design.” A court in Taiwan issued a judgment confirming that the RIMOWA “groove design” is a well-known symbol that is protected under the Taiwanese Fair Trade Act. In reaching its decision, the court determined that the “Deseno” luggage brand used a design that is strongly similar to the RIMOWA “groove design” and that the use of such a design is likely to cause confusion amongst consumers as to the source of the goods or that it would create a false association with RIMOWA’s products.

RIMOWA’s President and CEO Dieter Morszeck, is very satisfied with the Taiwanese court’s ruling, “This judgment proves that consumers are aware of the brand character of the RIMOWA groove design.”

RIMOWA caseThe decision of the Taiwanese court also underscores that RIMOWA products have reached an important milestone in their market position, namely that of a well-known or famous product. In Taiwan, only products that have achieved this status are awarded the increased level of protection.

In addition to the victory in Taiwan, RIMOWA succeeded in defending its rights again in the beginning of 2016 against the manufacturer of the VIKLAND line of luggage. The VIKLAND luggage line was determined to have infringed on RIMOWA’s trademark groove design as  well as infringing RIMOWA’s wheel castor and luggage compartment divider patents. The obvious similarities between the Vikland and the RIMOWA luggage lines, justified the RIMOWA fakedetermination in the court’s eyes that Vilkand was misrepresenting the origin of its goods and creating a false association with RIMOWA. RIMOWA was permitted to seize the luggage. The fate of the infringing luggage can be seen on this YouTube video:

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