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2017 12 16.speak up

We now see many people using “Biki,” sky-blue bike, which is a bike share service launched by Bikeshare Hawaii, an NPO. While it is wonderful that many people are leveraging the new system, it is also important for drivers to get used to it. Since we hardly saw bikes in Honolulu prior to the service, drivers are not used to sharing the road with bikes, who can be unpredictable sometimes. We need to think about concept of “sharing the road,” as the road belongs to everyone.

What we also need to be aware of is the new “Distracted Walking Law,” which is a new regulation that prohibits the usage of smartphones when crossing a road. “Smartphone zombies,” who use one’s smartphone while walking, do not pay attention to their surroundings, as their eyes and ears are deprived by their smartphones. This carelessness could harm you and people around you, it could lead to a traffic accident or worse, a traffic fatality.

Let’s also share “Safety Information” with each other and have a safe life in Hawaii.

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