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2017 12 01.speak up

Last month our company coordinated a student educational & cultural exchange program for junior high school students visiting from Japan to meet with students in Hawaii where we arranged and hosted all the itineraries in Hawaii. It was the third year in a row for us to work on this project so the trusting relationship with the hosting schools had already been established.

Amidst the program however, two Japanese residents visited totally out of the blue, and started an irrelevant meeting with the coordinator from Japan. Moreover, they joined the program despite our declination as the visiting school is located on a military base and requires ALL visitors to register well in advance.

I wondered if they were just overly independent or if they just do not know how to behave while traveling overseas? I just feel blessed that we completed the project without any problems when all the well-prepared & pre-approved plans may have been jeopardized by the sudden unapproved arrival of last minute visitors.

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