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Many think “being disliked” is not a good thing, but did you know that “being afraid of being disliked” can deter your self-growth? Japanese tend to favor standing in line with everyone else not to be pushed down due to one’s strong character. However, that makes them “ordinary = no character” and they would be soon forgotten by people.

Per Alfred Adler, a famous psychotherapist, people are afraid of being disliked due to 3 reasons:

  1. Lack of confidence.
  2. Lack of aspiration.
  3. Strong obsession for not to be disliked.

Life is a journey and “being disliked” is kind of an initiation in the growing process. In this age when people’s values are diversifying, you should throw away your idea of wanting to be “normal,” be true to yourself and live with curiosity and courage.

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