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2017 09 01.speak up

I have always been a person who loves to win every game, but this characteristic can cause “too much work” sometimes. Through some bitter experience I had in high school, I learned to enjoy working even on negative issues, not to overwork myself.

As a Medical Doctor and author, Junichi Watanabe said in his book before he passed away 3 years ago, “nothing is more powerful than adaptability in this internationalized era, and the origin of this adaptability is ‘thick skin’.” Mr. Kenichiro Mogi, a famous brain scientist indicates “everything goes well without deep thought.” He also says that management “does better being goofy.” Let’s admit that we are goofy – It’s important to be able to forgive yourself. Have faith, and enjoy every day without focusing too much on details. Things will then go to a better direction.

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