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Website & eCommerce

Nashimoto & Associates has the ability to work with your web-master or can recommend a web-master to create a multi-language site for your brand using your existing website(s) as template or create new website, including ecommerce from scratch.

We work together with a web developer to create a strong web presence, establish links (in Asian and English language) with web content updates, so that you may effectively reach your target customer(s) coming from all around the world to Hawaii (pre or post arrival to Honolulu).


Social Media Service

We can provide strong social presence on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter in English and/or Japanese language. Strategies unique to each language and culture is considered when influencing online influencers. Online community building, engaging conversations, increasing awareness and posting content that compels followers, fans and customers to follow, visit, shop and share your brand throughout their universe.
Our available services includes the creation of English & Japanese language status updates & tweets, guidance and assistance in crafting status updates, tweets, blogs, posts, profiles and in generating and posting appropriate content on sites such as Facebook®, Twitter®, Youtube® and Instagram®, to name just a few. Effectively leveraging social media extends the reach of our client's media investments, improves websites performance on search engines and offers continuous engagement of prospective customers via online communities. Client must provide brand information and message (descriptive text, product name, pricing, factual data, image(s) video .etc for review and appropriate material selection.

Ongoing Editorial Service

Nashimoto & Associates can coordinate and generate Japanese media editorial coverage for print, radio and television. Additional FREE publicity can be generated in order to create continued exposure for your PR needs. Nashimoto & Associates will continually request newsworthy elements from the client and at the same time the client should provide newsworthy elements for the target market on a regular basis in order to maximize publicity results.

Importance of Exclusivity

We recommend that clients provide special announcements to introduce limited edition or exclusive items (i.e., Hawaii exclusive, etc.) whenever possible, to coincide with peak visitor periods and special seasons throughout the year.

Establishment of Hospitality System for Asia Market

As you are aware, Japanese customers, as well as other Asian customers, are extremely sensitive to hospitality and to the specific details of services provided, especially for those services that are traditionally part of a Hospitality System (internally & externally) as they are already accustomed to in Asian hospitality. A "Hospitality System” (as example) should include the following services:

  • Fast alteration service of clothing & jewelry before customer's departure.
  • Hotel delivery.
  • Limousine service to hotel with minimum purchase amount.
  • Limousine service for qualified customers.
  • Create special “Thank you” and “Aloha” membership card for customers who have visited/made purchase.
  • “Personal Invitation” to visit for introduction of a new collection, product or service.
  • Special follow-up gift depending upon amount of purchase.
  • Establish and continuously update a Japanese customer database.


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Call or email to schedule an appointment. Please be aware of our time zone in Hawaii (UTC-10 hours) when calling.

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