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One of the most effective ways to recognize, reward or accomplish an effective promotion is by way of a celebration that elevates all in attendance to VIP status. An "invitation only" event honors people amongst their peers, raises products above the competition and awards excellence of service.

A VIP promotion may be informal or formal, with refreshments or dinner, with stage entertainment or simply providing face time with guests. Whatever the setting, it is a special event for special people with a special purpose.

Nashimoto & Associates can design and manage events for any occasion. We aid clients in hosting private VIP guest and customer appreciation cocktail parties or social mixer events, private concerts or professional collaboration & networking opportunities.

The success of such events are the result of its consistency over time. It can be given 2-3 times per year to coincide with peak periods of international visitor arrivals, seasonal gift-giving holidays or occasions, to treat existing customers to special events, to create a new customer base or to reward media for their past, present and future value added exposure.


The relaxed social & professional environment promotes personal relations, encourages networking beyond the event and develops a friendship based word-of-mouth referrals. This is especially true when collaborating with representatives of Japanese associations, organizations, corporations in Hawaii, Asia and other leading visitor markets.


Effective Event Elements:

  • “Invitation Only” events heightens a guest's special, exclusive & prestigious feeling.
  • Fun & exciting promotions become cherished memories talked about long after the event.
  • Create a new or be a part of a recurring Holiday, cause, celebration or theme.
  • Offer a sneak preview, before public release, of products, collections, or services.
  • Introduction of new or improved products, collections or people.
  • Share appreciation of company's history, traditions, culture, its people.
  • Distribution of take-away items, samples, literature, awards, and other incentives.
  • Assigning multi-lingual speaking staff to serve Personal Shoppers for VIPs.
  • Cause marketing auction, donation drive for select charities.
  • Performing arts, food sampling, test ride, fashion show, art display and more.

Goals During Event:

  • Recoginition that guests are special to the brand
  • Guests get to meet the people & organizations that endorse the brand.
  • Enhance or establish personal realtionships
  • Answer questions or comment to remedy brand misconceptions or ambiguities,
  • Ask for guest for comments and questions to build trust
  • Reward current, add new customers/clients
  • Instant customer input on products, merchandise, services etc.
  • Create an "must visit the store" excitement.

Goals After Event:

  • Invitees "cash in" on incentives.
  • Re-invite guests to drop in on their new "friends" at the store.
  • Guests now invite their friends to join them at the store based on experience.
  • Guests feel obligated to return for purchase.
  • Follow up contact with guests to ask if they enjoyed themselves.
  • Follow up reminders with guests for future special events, holidays, or celebrations.

VIP Endorsements by Invitation: 

Along with client's list, Nashimoto & Associates can include persons and organizations of great influence to the VIP guest list. Those include celebrities, dignitaries, social, civil, political and business icons & other influential persons in Hawaii to gain publicity. Such as: 

  • Japan-America Society of Hawaii (JASH)
  • Japanese Junior Chamber of Commerce (JJCC)
  • Japanese Women’s Society Foundation (JWSF)
  • Oahu Visitors Bureau (OVB) combined with
  • Hawaii Tourism Japan (HTJ)
  • Hawaii Senior Life Enrichment Association (HISLEA)
  • Nashimoto & Associates VIP database.
  • Top Executives and Management of Leading Hawaii Companies
  • Governor’s Office
  • Mayor’s Office
  • Consulate(s) (i.e., Japan, China, Korea, etc.)
  • Hawaii Chinese Travel Association
  • Miss Hawaii USA
  • Miss Universe
  • Miss Hawaii Teen USA
  • And many more lifestyle influencers.

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