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Ongoing Editorial Service to Generate Media Exposure
Our editorial exposure strategies use our strong relationships with media throughout Hawaii and Asia to create editorial exposure with content suited for print and/or electronic distribution. It is important to know what is permitted regarding territorial restrictions between states and countries. Initial News Releases and updates are directed to:  

  • Website, television and radio
  • Magazines for fashion,lifestyle & travel
  • News outlets
  • Industry newsletters & releases

Seasonal & Timely Release of Facts & News
We recommend News Releases that take advantage of pre-exising events such as:

  • Climate Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Human Seasons (Expectant, Birth, Toddler, Teen, Adult, Senior)
  • Holidays, Anniversaries & Awards
  • New collections, products or services
  • Grand Opening, relocation, re-branding
  • Update content for media & news cycles

Consistent & Uniform News Release & Press Quality Photos

Exerience shows us to "keep it simple", consistent & high quality. Uniform News Releases & hi-resolution photos will establish the desired image, look and feeling of quality, design & style of the brand.

  • Direct, short descriptions with bullet points makes it easy to read & digest.
  • One or two topics per release is easier to read, understand and retain.
  • Include a "story" with content and images that furthers a brand in a single glance.

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Call or email to schedule an appointment. Please be aware of our time zone in Hawaii (UTC-10 hours) when calling.

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