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This Is What We Do

We are a high profile Hawaii-based Japanese/English language advertising, marketing and public relations firm specializing in luxury retail, financial institutions, visitor attractions, food & beverage, and publishing for multinational clients. Consistently recognized as one of the top Japanese/English firms in Hawaii with the experience and ability to grow our clients’ high-end global presence & reputation.

Nashimoto & Associates' special area of expertise is designing & implementing marketing strategies for growth & profit of new stores, products & services to Japanese, Asian & local Hawaiian markets with multi-language capability.

Major Projects

Our projects include:

  • Full service advertising and public relations agency for Luxury Row at 2100 Kalakaua Avenue, Hawaii’s luxury shopping destination, whose world class tenants include Tiffany & Co., Coach, Miu Miu, Saint Laurent, Chanel, Gucci, Moncler, Bottega Veneta, & Hugo Boss.
  • Full service advertising and public relations agency for luxury brands & iconic destinations - Anteprima Wirebag, Bally, Burberry, Chanel, Damiani, Dior, Harry Winston, Lanikai Home + Style, Longines, Margo Tahiti Pearl, Oils of Aloha, Pacific Aviation Museum, Pearl Harbor, Pierre Marcolini Chocolatier, Rimowa, The Oahu Club & Maui Divers Jewelry.
  • Full service marketing, advertising & public relations agency for leading financial institutions such as JCB, Japan’s largest credit card company with over 55 million card holders.

Ongoing Editorial Service to Generate Media Exposure
Our editorial exposure strategies use our strong relationships with media throughout Hawaii and Asia to create editorial exposure with content suited for print and/or electronic distribution. It is important to know what is permitted regarding territorial restrictions between states and countries. Initial News Releases and updates are directed to:  

  • Website, television and radio
  • Magazines for fashion,lifestyle & travel
  • News outlets
  • Industry newsletters & releases

Seasonal & Timely Release of Facts & News
We recommend News Releases that take advantage of pre-exising events such as:

  • Climate Seasons (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter)
  • Human Seasons (Expectant, Birth, Toddler, Teen, Adult, Senior)
  • Holidays, Anniversaries & Awards
  • New collections, products or services
  • Grand Opening, relocation, re-branding
  • Update content for media & news cycles

A great way to lauch a business, concept, product or store is to create an event that the media wants to attend. Nashimoto & Associates Media Familiarization Events are designed to excite and educate key media outlets of a client's brand by presenting a best foot forward message. Key influencers are provided an opportunity to mingle in a relaxed atmosphere for questions, answers and gain first hand brand experience.

Nashimoto & Associates' president personally provides "PR Executive Press Liaison Services" before, during and after the event. We personally greet media & guests and introduce the client to gain as much publicity as possible. Our team uses its long established personal relations to amplify publicity for the client. Key event elements are:

Communication strategies are rapidly evolving all over the world. We pay special attention to the characteristics of the language used by the target market group or culuture with an emphasis on "in house" jargon. Our team also provides live language translations for group or private meetings, television, radio or other instant translation needs.

Nashimoto & Associates assists clients in translating existing literature in bi-lingual manner or exclusively in Japanese, Chinese and Korean to meet market needs. This includes translation, typesetting, layout of font/copy to fit existing layout, convert translated text data to EPS files (i.e., Japanese text keystroke converted into Illustrator EPS files on disk) so that graphic artist/publisher can copy/paste Japanese text into layout, etc.

About the Video

Honolulu - KITV news Jun 24, 2014

A published study from Hawaii Pacific University says that Hawaii's biggest International visitor craves a more authentic Hawaiian experience. KITV 4's Pete Caggiano says the study indicates they want more Hawaiian culture.

One of the most effective ways to recognize, reward or accomplish an effective promotion is by way of a celebration that elevates all in attendance to VIP status. An "invitation only" event honors people amongst their peers, raises products above the competition and awards excellence of service.

A VIP promotion may be informal or formal, with refreshments or dinner, with stage entertainment or simply providing face time with guests. Whatever the setting, it is a special event for special people with a special purpose.

Nashimoto & Associates can design and manage events for any occasion. We aid clients in hosting private VIP guest and customer appreciation cocktail parties or social mixer events, private concerts or professional collaboration & networking opportunities.

The success of such events are the result of its consistency over time. It can be given 2-3 times per year to coincide with peak periods of international visitor arrivals, seasonal gift-giving holidays or occasions, to treat existing customers to special events, to create a new customer base or to reward media for their past, present and future value added exposure.

Website & eCommerce

Nashimoto & Associates has the ability to work with your web-master or can recommend a web-master to create a multi-language site for your brand using your existing website(s) as template or create new website, including ecommerce from scratch.

We work together with a web developer to create a strong web presence, establish links (in Asian and English language) with web content updates, so that you may effectively reach your target customer(s) coming from all around the world to Hawaii (pre or post arrival to Honolulu).

Referral Program
We have established various referral programs that increased media & customer goodwill benefits gained from added value of shopping incentives, prize giveaways, complimentary concierge and hospitality service. Nashimoto & Associates can assist clients with short or with long term referral business strategies.

ie: A prestigious organization brings its most favored VIP customers to a boutique for special pricing, gifts or exclusive products or services.  

Travel Agency Relations
Nashimoto & Associates' strenght is highly recognized among past & present clients in this area. Our team works with the leading Asia Travel Agencies in abroad and in Hawaii to refer customers to clients whenever they schedule groups of affluent Asia visitors to Hawaii.

Nashimoto & Associates can design, create, purchase, place effective advertising in all media outlets, in print, signage and electronic media, in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean. Our talents allow us to remain a dominant player in the Japanese/English visitor market. We are able to place ads that influence travelers at various stages of travel. While still in the planning stages, while they are on the way, on arrival, during their stay and home bound.

We provide clients with:

  • Effective Media Reccomentations.
  • Effective Media Buying.
  • Price Negotiation.
  • Strategic Placement.
  • Premium Positioning.
  • Creativity and Cultural Conceptualization.

Nashimoto & Associate is able to provide all manner of public relations, marketing and advertising materials for all print, signage, & electronic media outlets. We assist clients in the production of press quality advertisements, brochures, video, audio & collateral pieces in Japanese, English, Chinese, and Korean as single language or multi-language copy. We provide:

  • Translation from original language as provided by client.
  • Copy created from scratch, based on precise client specifications.
  • Camera ready art for any scale production.
  • Graphics design & art layout.
  • Audio & Video concept to final production.
  • Set design & build
  • Script writing for talking points.
  • Logo concept, design & creation.

Strategies & Services


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Online Campaigns to Influence the Influencers

Nashimoto & Associates can provide multi-language social media services & strategies to create online community awareness that encourages audiences to follow, shop & share information about your brand, products and services. The online world relies on fresh & interesting content... in real time. Communication by embedding your brand into conversations of the targeted online communities requires a strategic message that make audiences feel your brand is an integral part of their community and their personal lives.
Nowadays business is personal and happy customers want their families, friends and associates to know about it. When the delivery of a message is done right, the online community will use your brand to enhance their significance amongst their niche community. They will generate conversations & build their followers, fans and circle of influence using your brand message.

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