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I would like to share the meaning of each word consisting of “HOPE,” which I treasure for my daily mindset.

  • “H” Honest
    To be happy, we need to have good relationships with people. To build the relationships, it is important to “share our honest opinion” and “not betray others.”
  • “O” Obey
    Even when we have an argument, if we realized that the other was right, we should sincerely obey him/her.
  • “P” Peace
    It is important to have “inner peace” especially where teamwork is needed.
  • “E” Equip
    We need to prepare and equip ourselves in advance for any circumstances.

When we prepare ourselves, there is mental preparedness not only physical. I will go further on it in the next issue, so stay tuned!

17 05 16.speak upIt is important to realize where you position yourself in this constantly changing world. To do so, it is always essential to know what is going on around us in society.

With this belief in mind, on a weekend, I dared to go explore Kapolei by myself, a rapidly developing area quite a long way away from my home, which is on the opposite side of the island. From there my exploration went on into Kailua, Waimanalo, and finally Waikiki.

All these trips made me see and feel in person how Hawaii’s economy and landscape is evolving, and at the same time, opened my eyes that you cannot keep developing unless you have some creative new ideas with a twist. How about you? What are your findings from your daily life?

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