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The Lighthouse Hawaii magazine has started a special column since October 16, 2016 issue titled "May I Speak Up? by Masako Nashimoto". Here Nashi offers her observations and opinions about the world we live in.

Lighthouse誌では2016年10月16日号より、新コラム「梨本昌子のちょっと言ってもいいかしら?」が始まりました。Nashimoto & Associates社長の“Nashi”こと梨本昌子が、彼女独自の観察と意見と共に、ハワイで頑張る皆さんへ厳しくも熱いエールを贈ります。

Lighthouse Hawaiiですべての梨本の記事を読むにはここをクリック 

2017 09 16.speak up

One of Japan’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies conducted a survey of business professionals in Tokyo, 20 to 59 years of age with a theme “Do you feel tired?” & the reason for your tiredness.

As a result, 80% of the respondents answered that they were feeling tired & the top 2 reasons were:

  1. Relationships at work (44%).
  2. Contents of work (40%).

In response to “What kind of boss’s words can make you tired the most?”, the following answers were on top 3:

  1. It’s such a common sense. 
  2. You can’t do that easy work?
  3. Didn’t I tell you before?

Management needs to know how their words can make their employees tiredness, even if unintentionally. Not to ruin relationships, let’s tell them how thankful you are for what they do.

2017 09 01.speak up

I have always been a person who loves to win every game, but this characteristic can cause “too much work” sometimes. Through some bitter experience I had in high school, I learned to enjoy working even on negative issues, not to overwork myself.

As a Medical Doctor and author, Junichi Watanabe said in his book before he passed away 3 years ago, “nothing is more powerful than adaptability in this internationalized era, and the origin of this adaptability is ‘thick skin’.” Mr. Kenichiro Mogi, a famous brain scientist indicates “everything goes well without deep thought.” He also says that management “does better being goofy.” Let’s admit that we are goofy – It’s important to be able to forgive yourself. Have faith, and enjoy every day without focusing too much on details. Things will then go to a better direction.

17 08 17.speak up

After my 10+ year career in Japan, I moved to Hawaii in 1982 and founded N&A, and this year celebrates our 35th anniversary. The reason I could have kept working this long is only this; I have been enjoying my work.

It is said that people spend 60% to 70% of one’s lifetime working, meaning enjoying work can change your life. So please try to seek out the way to enjoy your work through examining characteristics of people doing so and vice versa. My definition of the word “work” is “to make people beside you feel easy.” Try to gain experiences feeling worthwhile for serving someone’s needs, not only for yourself, and think about how you would like to live going forward.

17 08 01.speak up

Per statistical results, the time used for Social Network Service (SNS) has doubled in the last 10 years in the US, and on the other hand, time for phone calls/meeting with people has decreased by 10%.

While I personally use Facebook and Instagram to catch up with the trend, and use e-mail and texts for work, I always try to secure time to visit sites or meet with counterparts in person to maintain close relationship.

What I have found recently from work is that people who try to do business only online tend to be afraid of facing their counterparts. Being unable to leverage both online and offline effectively means that the interpersonal communication capability is not sufficient. We should pay attention to it to drive things better, especially when we live in an SNS era.

17 07 16.speak up

It is always difficult to know each culture’s way especially when it comes to ceremonial occasions. You’re not supposed to show up with an empty hand for someone’s birthday party even if you were told not to bring any gifts, you’re expected to wear your boldest aloha clothes for someone’s locally-themed funeral, or many Chinese people wear red and black for a funeral unlike black only, which is Japanese common understanding; the list goes on.

Most important thing is to consider about the host’s delight as the top priority for each occasion. You will then naturally become a part of the Hawaii community.

17 07 01.speak up

About 2 months ago, I slipped and fell on the floor upon my return home from work. What caused it was the leakage from the ceiling to dining table/floor.

Living by myself on the first floor of a townhouse it can be sometimes very stressful with no one to turn to. The owner of a possibly damage-causing unit have never cooperated. 

However, no time for whining, as I do have my own strategy including lawsuit; Giving in as “American system is cold” can never be good.

17 06 17.speak up

As I mentioned in the previous issue, we need to prepare and equip ourselves in advance for any circumstances. Do a self-check for your company and yourself, the "3 Ps" will be important.

  • Profitability
    It is important to decide your company’s ideal profit ratio, and keep it stabilized.
  • Pay Attention
    Caring for individuals is vital, and even in this SNS era, we need a balance of both offline and online when following up.
  • Personality
    Sense and sensibility can be honed by curiosity, and people naturally gather around those with cultivated mind.

Why don’t you start checking with these “3 Ps”?

17 06 01.nashimoto.hope

I would like to share the meaning of each word consisting of “HOPE,” which I treasure for my daily mindset.

  • “H” Honest
    To be happy, we need to have good relationships with people. To build the relationships, it is important to “share our honest opinion” and “not betray others.”
  • “O” Obey
    Even when we have an argument, if we realized that the other was right, we should sincerely obey him/her.
  • “P” Peace
    It is important to have “inner peace” especially where teamwork is needed.
  • “E” Equip
    We need to prepare and equip ourselves in advance for any circumstances.

When we prepare ourselves, there is mental preparedness not only physical. I will go further on it in the next issue, so stay tuned!

17 05 16.speak upIt is important to realize where you position yourself in this constantly changing world. To do so, it is always essential to know what is going on around us in society.

With this belief in mind, on a weekend, I dared to go explore Kapolei by myself, a rapidly developing area quite a long way away from my home, which is on the opposite side of the island. From there my exploration went on into Kailua, Waimanalo, and finally Waikiki.

All these trips made me see and feel in person how Hawaii’s economy and landscape is evolving, and at the same time, opened my eyes that you cannot keep developing unless you have some creative new ideas with a twist. How about you? What are your findings from your daily life?

16 12 16.speak up

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