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Nashi is using her healing artwork to create fashionable art-ware. Her art is being re-produced as "One-of-a-Kind" originals, and the line of healing art-wear is being made a available to a very lucky group of select people. Barriers of fashion & healing are a thing of the past using todays print on demad technology. Pictured above are active wear leggings & hi-top sneaker. 

A Japan Today article describes that Scientists have discovered that sunflowers can pull radioactive contaminants out of the soil and are using sunflowers to cleani up the Fukushima site in Japan.sunflowers

From Orgainc Facts: The beautiful sunflower plant, with its bright yellow petals is a great treat to the eyes. These petals have a seed-studded center, while the grayish-green seeds are encased in tear drop-shaped gray or black shells with black and white stripes. These seeds have a high oil content and have been one of the primary sources used to acquire polyunsaturated oil. The sunflower seeds with shells have a mild nutty taste and a tender texture.

Nashi has been recently interviewed on KZOO radio about the bemnefits of healing art-wear.

20170825 KZOO

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