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Healing People’s Mind with Art

Summer/Fall, 2017
PAVONE (Published by KP Creations Co.,Ltd.) - Japanese luxury lifestyle magazine "PAVONE" interviewed President Nashi in their summer/fall 2017 issue featuring "High Quality Hawaii Lifestyle."

To read the whole article in Japanese, click here.

English Summary
Masako Nashimoto-Luttrell founded Nashimoto & Associates, an ad, marketing & PR firm in Hawaii, and celebrated its 35th anniversary this year. She is well-known for her numerous achievements as a successful female entrepreneur, winning many awards including the Governor's award for exemplary service to the retail industry in Hawaii. Starting her successful career in Tokyo, she ceaselessly worked even when she moved to Guam and Hawaii through life-events such as marriage and childbirths.

While she has kept the lead in the tough industry, she used to battle with uncertainties of the business environment a few months ahead. What saved her from the state of mind was painting. “When I start painting, hours just pass by, and I believe this is spiritual and meditative healing for me. My art work has received many awards, and I now donate some of my pieces to hospitals and others. Art is leading me to a better direction; My network as an artist has broadened, and people can be healed by my art. There is nothing more rewarding than this.” The successful female entrepreneur gently smiled. 

PBN Book of Lists 2017

PBN 2017 en

Exciting Good News!
We just received the "PBN Book Of List 2016-2017" this morning and we are pleased to announce Nashimoto & Associates is now ranked number 11 largest advertising agency in Hawaii. We moved up one rank from last year! (ranking data from 2015 filing)

Nashimoto & Associates ranked 11th in HawaiiPBN Top Agencies 2016 (8.8.16)

Pacific Business News reported on April 2012 that Nashimoto & Associates is serving as a liaison between Sanyu Co. and U.S. and Canadian makers of prefabricated homes in an effort to bring the ready-made housing to areas of Japan hard hit by the devastating earthquake and tsunami on March 11, 2011.

Masako Nashimoto-Luttrell, president of the advertising and marketing firm Nashimoto & Associates was contacted earlier this year by Kazunobu Ito, president of the Japanese construction materials company Sanyu Co., asking for her help in rebuilding parts of Sendai, the closest major city to the earthquake’s epicenter.

Ito is currently in the process of bringing two prefabricated homes to the greater Tohoku region and eventually plans to bring about 70 or more such homes to the area to replace more quickly the homes that were lost in the disaster.

The 2011 Pacific Business News article "Boutique agency masters the art of capturing Asian market" describes how Nashimoto and Associates, one of the premiere public relations and advertising agencies in Hawaii, employs personal relationships to build strong ties to Japan, Korea and China.

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