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  • Distressed by Relationships?

    2017 09 16.speak up

    One of Japan’s leading pharmaceutical manufacturing companies conducted a survey of business professionals in Tokyo, 20 to 59 years of age with a theme “Do you feel tired?” & the reason for your tiredness.

    As a result, 80% of the respondents answered that they were feeling tired & the top 2 reasons were:

    1. Relationships at work (44%).
    2. Contents of work (40%).

    In response to “What kind of boss’s words can make you tired the most?”, the following answers were on top 3:

    1. It’s such a common sense. 
    2. You can’t do that easy work?
    3. Didn’t I tell you before?

    Management needs to know how their words can make their employees tiredness, even if unintentionally. Not to ruin relationships, let’s tell them how thankful you are for what they do.

  • Hawaii Wisdom Project

    Featured Story

    Masako "Nashi" Nashimoto Luttrell is the founder and president of Nashimoto & Associates. It is a top Hawaii-based English/Japanese advertising, marketing and public relations firm. She has been one of the top 15 Finalist "PBN Businesswomen of the Year" for 13 consecutive years (since 2000).

    Nashi has also been a finalist for PBN "Women- Owned Business in Hawaii" for 11 consecutive years (since 2000). She is also an artist in fine arts and has paintings displayed in the Honolulu fine dining restaurant, Vintage Cave. Nashi's artwork can be seen online at

    The Hawaii Wisdom Project is a documentary in which we interview Hawaii’s most influential leaders and ask their advice on success. The purpose of the film is to enlighten and motivate Hawaii’s youth to strive for success by allowing them the opportunity to meet some of the most powerful and inspiring members of the local community. Click Here to see the entire Hawaii Wisdom Project documentary series.

    Click here to see a very Special Interview.

    Special Interview on


  • Management is Better Being Goofy

    2017 09 01.speak up

    I have always been a person who loves to win every game, but this characteristic can cause “too much work” sometimes. Through some bitter experience I had in high school, I learned to enjoy working even on negative issues, not to overwork myself.

    As a Medical Doctor and author, Junichi Watanabe said in his book before he passed away 3 years ago, “nothing is more powerful than adaptability in this internationalized era, and the origin of this adaptability is ‘thick skin’.” Mr. Kenichiro Mogi, a famous brain scientist indicates “everything goes well without deep thought.” He also says that management “does better being goofy.” Let’s admit that we are goofy – It’s important to be able to forgive yourself. Have faith, and enjoy every day without focusing too much on details. Things will then go to a better direction.

  • Pedego Kailua, LLC Electric Bicycle Store Now Offering Guided Tours of Kailua!

    pedego kailua

    hello fun


    Pedego Kailua, LLC Electric Bicycle Store Now Offering Guided Tours of Kailua!

    Hello, Fun…Pedego Kailua, LLC, the very first electric bicycle store in Kailua, is now offering guided tours of Kailua! Pedego Kailua, LLC offers a casual, cool and fun way to see Kailua and Lanikai Beach for both local residents and visitors. Pedego Kailua, LLC is offering hourly, daily, weekly and monthly rentals of electric bikes and daily tours at affordable pricing! Pedego electric bicycles are also available for purchase. Located on 319 Hahani Street, Pedego Kailua is a short bike ride away from beautiful Kailua Beach and Lanikai Beach!

    “We are pleased with the support and response that the local residents and businesses have shown us in introducing a very eco-friendly green solution to reducing traffic and carbon emissions in Kailua,” says Mark Librie, Kailua resident and owner of Pedego Kailua, LLC. “It’s very exciting that there is so much interest in electric bicycles in Hawaii! Since opening in 2013 Pedego Kailua has already sold thousands of Pedego electric bicycles to friends and neighbors in the Hawaii community! Most of the sales have been in pairs to couples who are rediscovering the joy and romance of bicycle riding together! For many, it’s like being a teenager again and it is amazing to see so many people having so much fun!” Give us a call to schedule a FREE Pedego test ride or guided tour of Kailua. See what everyone is raving about! For a limited time, receive a FREE Pedego watch or sticker with your rental (minimum 2 hour rental)or purchase of a Pedego electric bicycle (while supplies last).

    2-Hour “Get to know Kailua” Tour - $149.00
    Say “Aloha” to fun! Join a guided adventure of beautiful Kailua Town on an electric bike tour! This tour is a perfect chance for you to get a local insight and cruise by the sand and sea. This buzzing beach community with its crescent beach and turquoise waters is home to unimaginable sites and charming kama’aina (resident) hangouts.On this 2-hour guided bike tour, you will have a chance to:
    • Venture past some of Kailua Town’s trendy boutiques and renowned restaurants
    • Travel to the Rice Plantation workers village ruins at Ulu’ po He’eau
    • Take in the unforgettable scenery of Hawaii’s landscapes from Aalapapa Point Lookout
    • Ride over to Lanikai and stop at a secret local beach
    • Enjoy a special catered lunch at Whole Foods Kailua
    Just a short drive from Honolulu, the windward coast is a perfect combination of tradition and nature that make it stand out as one of the renowned beaches of Hawaii. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, an electric bike tour of Kailua town is the best way to leave your worries on the mainland and feel the relaxing pace of island time.

    4-Hour “Hidden Kailua” Tour - $259.00
    An adventure awaits with the chance to experience some of Kailua’s offbeat, secret locations on a guided electric bike tour. A charming ocean-side town, Kailua is full of hidden treasures not always apparent to the casual visitor. Take a cruise and see what hidden gems emerge throughout the Windward Coast of Oahu. Join your guide for a 4-hour bike adventure and discover:
    • Ulu’po He’eau with a visit to the ruins of the Rice Plantation workers village
    • Stories of ancient Kailua and its historical inhabitants
    • The wetlands of a bird sanctuary on the Kawainui Marsh Dyke path
    • The streets of Kailuana and President Obama’s Christmas vacation house
    • Aalapapa Point for photo opportunities and a ride around “da loop”
    • A secret beach for a quick stop and chance to dip your feet in the crystal clear waters
    • Tasty delights with a special catered lunch from Whole Foods
    Unfold the history and culture of the island while your guide shows you everything Hawaii has to offer. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, unimaginable destinations are just a pedal away on a guided bike tour of hidden Kailua.

    fun bike

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