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Masako "Nashi" Nashimoto Luttrell is the founder and president of Nashimoto & Associates. It is a top Hawaii-based English/Japanese advertising, marketing and public relations firm. She has been one of the top 15 Finalist "PBN Businesswomen of the Year" for 13 consecutive years (since 2000).

Nashi has also been a finalist for PBN "Women- Owned Business in Hawaii" for 11 consecutive years (since 2000). She is also an artist in fine arts and has paintings displayed in the Honolulu fine dining restaurant, Vintage Cave. Nashi's artwork can be seen online at

The Hawaii Wisdom Project is a documentary in which we interview Hawaii’s most influential leaders and ask their advice on success. The purpose of the film is to enlighten and motivate Hawaii’s youth to strive for success by allowing them the opportunity to meet some of the most powerful and inspiring members of the local community. Click Here to see the entire Hawaii Wisdom Project documentary series.

Click here to see a very Special Interview.

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nashi Masako Nashimoto-Luttrell Founder & President
anthony gambino 500x500 Anthony Gambino Vice President, Communications & Media Director
harue headshot 500x472x15KB Harue Shirai Assistant to the President
kanako 500x499 Kanako Kojima PR/Marketing
imiloa 495x411x162KB Kenjiro Mase President and CEO of Imiloa, Tokyo Office Affiliate of Nashimoto & Associates
Trent Kobayakawa 500x50x16KB Trent Kobayakawa, CPA, LLC Nashimoto & Associates CPA & Financial Advisor

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